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A Passion for Chocolate

At Regine Fine Chocolate, our approach to making chocolate is simple: make straight-forward, great-tasting creations from the highest quality chocolate and ingredients available. We believe the act of making and consuming chocolate is not about creating a complex, exotic, culinary voyage for the palate, but rather to provide one of life’s simplest of pleasures, the ones that feed your impulse for indulgence and enjoyment and bring back your most pleasurable memories of the moment that you first experienced the rich, creamy, velvety smooth taste of chocolate that hooks us all forever.

After almost 20 years of making chocolate, RFC is the culmination of my personal desire to create incredibly delicious (and yes, addictive!) chocolate treats, the kind that will keep you sneaking down to the cupboard in the middle of the night to feed that craving that can’t be ignored and will never be satisfied... for more chocolate! We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we enjoy making them – Regine.

We give Regine Fine Chocolate gift baskets to all of our customers throughout the year just to show them how much we appreciate their business. The baskets are beautiful, reasonably priced and the chocolates inside are amazing! Our customers love them and tell us that it is the most thoughtful show of appreciation they have ever received. Thanks RFC!